3 side seal sachet automatic vertical type packing machine
Suitable for powder,granules paste and tablet packing in small bag with 3 side seal The vertical packaging machine is suitable for packing granular, short and pink strips such as puffed food, shrimp strips, peanuts, popcorn, cereal, melon seeds, jelly, white sugar, salt and washing powder.

Detailed introduction

Product nameAutomaticpowder packing machineAutomaticgranules packing machineAutomaticpaste packing machineAutomatictablet packing machine
Fill capacity(g)1-501-50/20-1001-501-200pcs
Bag size(mm)20-90(w)*40-140(L)
Metering devicescrewcupPlunger pumpCounting plate
Power & Voltage220V,50HZ,1KW220V,50HZ,1.2KW
Machine Size mm1050*740*16201030*730*16001250*700*16201030*730*1600

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1.PLC control,touch screen,high intelligence,stable,and simple operation.

2.Frequency converter to facilitate speed regulation.Click the display screen directly and low noisy.

3.Click the display screen to eliminate the fault according to the prompt.Cause of fault is displayed on the touch screen.

4.It has formula memory.You can directly click the formula.easy to operate.

5.Pneumatic sealing,tight sealing,not prone to machine confusion.

6.There are two bag length control methods for the machine,one is directly set the bag length on the display screen,and another is to identify the Cursor with light eye,which has high stability

7.The intelligent temperature control meter can control the temperature of the sealing part at constant temperature to ensure the sealing quality.

8.The printer can be configured to print date,batch number,etc

9.Exhause can be installed to reduce the gas in the bag,and easy tear mouth can be added

10.The whole machine is made of stainless steel,which meets food grade and medical standards.

Application field

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