coffee, salt, sugar, powder, spices, black pepper sachet bag packing machine
Sachet machines automatically produce square or rectangular 4 side sealed sachets packets.
Our 3 or 4 side seal sachet pack machine is an economical sachet pack machine that is both dependable and easily versatile.
It is perfect for packaging a variety of products including ketchup, ground coffee, salt, sugar, powder, spices, black pepper
and almost anything else that you can imagine.

Detailed introduction

Sachet bag Packing Machine Technical Parameter 

1. model number: WKB-F

2. Sealing type: three-sided sealing/four-sided sealing/back sealing (one out of three)

3. Measurement method: screw measurement (volume measurement)

4. Measuring range: 0-100 ml

5. Packing speed: 20-65 packs/min

6. Roll film width: the maximum film width is 300mm.

7. Bag size: W:30-150mm L:30-165mm

8. Power: 1500W

9. Power source: 1P/220V/50HZ

10. Overall dimensions: 1100*850*1800mm

11. Weight: 220kg

Scope of application: It is suitable for 120-240 mesh powder materials in food, medicine and chemical products. 

For example: food additives, milk powder, protein powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, facial mask powder, health tea powder, etc.

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