automatic wet wipes machine from folding to packing
Full auto wet wipe machine is directly slitting the raw material, folding, wetting, cut in size, auto convey the wipe to packing machine, raw material is equipped with auto splicing unit and with tension control and web guiding function. The whole process from raw material to final product is in machine, production is sanitary and speed is high. The folding machine and packing machine can automatically connect for production and also can be separated for special size of product, which makes customer use the machine in maximum limit and get the maximum profit.

Detailed introduction

Wet wipes machine product list

Four-edge sealing single-piece wet towel machine

Back-sealing single-piece wet towel machine

1-5 pieces/bag full-automatic back-sealing wet towel machine

1-10 pieces/bag full-automatic back sealing wet towel machine

5-30-piece/bag automatic wet towel machine

30-120/pack full-automatic wet towel production line with large mother roll

30-120/Pack Automatic Single Roll Wet Towel Machine Production Line

Full-automatic capping machine

automatic packing machine

Automatic stacker


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