WBZR Automatic Thermal heat Shrinkage Packaging Machine
Suitable for shrinkage packaging of dairy products, milk tea, cosmetics, daily necessities, bowls and noodles.

Detailed introduction


Suitable for shrinkage packaging of dairy products, milk tea, cosmetics, daily necessities, bowls and noodles.


Special recommendation:

WBZ-R Automatic Thermal Shrinkage Packaging Machine are automatic thermal shrinkage packaging machine production lines designed for assembled line operation and mass packaging.

According to the specific status of the product, an automatic feeding system can be designed to realize full automation without operators. The machine adopts fully enclosed packaging and continuous operation with overall high efficiency.

Songpine is happy to design your own cutomized automation line if required.


Machine features:

1. Large full-color touch screen control system with good appearance and easy operation.

2. Precise motion of packaging by adopting single or multiple servo motors.

3. AC motor is attached with a frequency converter to realize stepless speed control, which can be dynamically adjusted during operation.

4. The new horizontal sealing design allows sealing at a low temperature, reducing packaging material waste and film scalding during power-off.

5. High-efficiency double temperature zone of thermal shrinkage furnace with automatic temperature control.

6. Adopting high-efficiency air circulation to ensure shrinkage quality. Additional functions such as electrostatic adsorption and module operation are optional.

Packaging materials max. width (mm)<450<450<590<590<590<590
Product size L: length (mm)B: width (mm)H: height (mm)L:100-400B:10-150H:15-50L:120-450B:10-150H:30-70L:100-400B:30-200H:15-50L:120-450B:30-200H:30-70L:140-480B:30-200H:40-100L:180-520B:30-200H:50-130
Production capacity(bags/min)30-15030-12030-15030-12030-10030-80
Dimensions (mm)5000×965×17505000×1105×1750
Packaging MaterialsThermal shrinkage films: PVC, POF, etc.
Total weight (kg)100010001200120012001200
Motor PowerOne packaging machine motor 1.1KW; one film motor 0.75KW
Electric heating power450W*2400W*4
Power supplyFor packaging machine is single-phase 220V, 50HZ;For thermal shrinkage furnace is three-phase 380V, 50HZ
Total powerFor packaging machine is 4.5KW;For thermal shrinkage furnace is 16.5 KW

Other type heat shrink machine for your choice

PE shrinkage furnace.jpg

Sealing and shrinking two-in-one machine.jpg

Bottle mouth shrinkage furnace.jpg

Automatic bottle neck shrinkage furnace.jpg

PE shrinkage furnaceSealing and shrinking two-in-one machineBottle mouth shrinkage furnaceAutomatic bottle neck shrinkage furnace

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