nut granule sachet bag packing machine
VFFS is a small and economic VFFS single-lane stickpack or sachet packing machine that forms, fills, and seals pouches and sachets in one automatic process.
Three models of these machines are suitable for powders, liquid. paste, grain, or granular products.

Detailed introduction

Technical parameter

Product NamePowder packingGranules packingPaste packing
Filling capacity g1-30010-4001-300
Speed( bag/min)10-75
Bag size (mm)20-140(W)*40-190(L)
Metering devicescrewElectronic scalePlunger pump
Power voltage220V,50HZ,1.0KW
Weight (kg)190280170
Machine size1050*740*16201030*700*19001350*740*1600


1.PLC controller,touch screen,high intelligence,stable machine and simple operation

2.Add frequency converter to facilitate speed regulation.Click the display screen directly and the machine sound is low

3.The machine displays the cause of the fault,and click the display screen to eliminate the fault according to the prompt

4.The machine has the function of formula memory.You can directly click the formula and the operation is simple

5.Pneumatic sealing.tight sealing.not prone to machine confusion.

6.There are two bag length control methods for the machine.One is directly set the bag length on the display screen,and the other is identify the cursor with light eye,which has high stability.

7.The intelligent temperature control meter can control the temperature of the sealing part an constant temperature to ensure the sealing quality.

8.The printer can be configured to print date,batch number,etc

9.Exhaust can be installed to reduce the gas in the bag,and easy tear mouth can be added

10.The whole machine is made of S.S which meets CMP standard.

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