Cotton soft towel semi-automatic packaging machineWBP-01
Semi-automatic packaging machine for Cotton soft towel, napkin, square paper
Manual bagging,paper towel packing machine,folded paper bag packing machine

Detailed introduction

Packing effect


Machine Features

1.The packaging machine has automatic conveyor belt paper feeding and pushing device,has angle plugging and sealing device,manual bagging,the speed can reach 18-22bags/minitue

2.It is customized machine

3.The ironing temperature is adjustable,the cutting knife is used to cut the tail material,the sealing is neat and beautiful,buyer can choose the different thickness of film bags.

4.Adopt PLC integrated circuit control,easy to operate.

Technical parameters

Single stationDouble station
Air pressure0.6MPAAir pressure0.6MPA
Total power2.6kwTotal power3.0kw
Packing size(Single paper ball)Length 100-210mmPacking size(Single paper ball)Length 100-210mm
Width 100mmWidth 100mm
Height 40-100mmHeight 40-100mm
Machine Size2300*1000*1200mmMachine Size2300*2000*1200mm
Packaging Speed12-15bags/minPackaging Speed18-22bags/min

RFQ-How to get quotation

1.single package size:length*width*height(mm)



2.Seal Form


3.Packing type

Single packaging or Combined packaging(1x2,2x3,2x5,4x5,4x6...)


4.Into the bag method

By hand or Automatic?

5.Packaging Speed

How many bags per minitue?

6.packaging bag type

packaging bag type.jpg

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