Ceramic and crystal tableware pillow packing machine WBZ-CJ
It is used for disinfection and packaging of tableware in aviation and restauran

Detailed introduction


1.Faster packaging speed: it can pack more than 4,000 sets per hour (at high speed), which is faster than ordinary packaging machines. Therefore, it is very suitable for large-scale snack companies, small and medium-sized tableware distribution centers, etc., and can save a lot of labor: assuming that a packer needs 18,000 yuan per year based on the salary (including food and accommodation) of 1,500 yuan/month. That is to say, every time you save one packer, you can save nearly 20,000 yuan in labor expenses a year. 

2.Lower energy consumption: Compared with the ordinary packaging machine, the energy consumption of this packaging machine is also quite low, with the running power of only 10 kW, while the power of ordinary packaging machines is generally above 15 kW, while that of high-energy ordinary packaging machines is even higher than 18 kW. Remarks: Calculated by 1 yuan, the annual cost savings can reach 20,000 yuan. 

3.Better packaging effect: adopting automatic feeding system, rocker mechanism system, automatic sealing system, automatic shrinking system, discharging system, anti-jamming system, etc., the packaging is more thorough, leaving no trace, uniform heat and exquisite appearance.

Main Specification

Max Film Width(mm)590mm
Packing specificationL:90-400mm,W:30-200mm,H:40-120mm
Electric Power Voltage(V)220V,50HZ
Total lnstalled Power(Kw)3.66KW
Machine Measurement(L*W*H)(mm)5000*1100*1750

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