WBZ-SP economic type pillow wrap packing machine(HFFS)
It is widely to pack small size bread,cake,soap,and other small hardware

Detailed introduction

Usage of pillow packing machine

It is a professional machine designed for the packing of solid objects. 

Suitable for below product

①Medicine, food industry, daily chemicals, skin care products, electronic components and other industries. 

②Cookies, Penang, snow cakes, instant noodles, candy, western desserts, sliced bread, steel tray containers, transparent soap and other small pieces of packaging. 

③It can be packed with pillow-type fine particles such as round, spherical, oval, waist-ring, cylindrical, square and other solid items with standard appearance, such as candy, beef granules, mothballs, etc.

Features of economic type pillow packing machine

High-speed pillow packing machine is used in the fields of pharmacy, food, etc. for bag packing with aluminum-plastic packing blocks, which has the effects of waterproof, antifouling and shading. In addition, it improves the product grade and added value. Compared with hand-made bag packing, the application of this equipment can save more than 20% of the cost, and it can be connected with aluminum-plastic packing machine, automatic box packing machine, heat shrinkable packing machine and other mechanical equipment for production.

RFQ for customer to make offer

the machine price is from 3000USD to 15500USD,customized product

1.What product to pack?

Cookies?soap?candy?chocolate? Or any other product?

2.What’s the size of package bag?

Bag  L:

Bag  W:

Bag  H:

3.What’s the packing material?

Paper?Film?or other?

4.Package type?

Show us the picture

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