Tobacco Shisha Hookah box cellophane overwrapping machine WBG-CY380
Wanbon high speed overwrapping machine to pack shisha box at speed 20-40pack per minitue
The mold is made of copper plate, which has the characteristics of reducing friction, stable molding and beautiful appearance.

Detailed introduction

Shandong Wanbon Boway Machinery Committed to the R&D and production of packaging machinery since 2000.


Our company's main products

Cellophane overwrapping machine

To pack different size carton box in high speed and good effect.

Such as tea box,cigarette box,biscuit box,pill box,cosmetic box

Horizontal Flow wrapping machine(HFFS)

To pack fruit,vegetable,bakery product,bread,filter cartridge,hardware parts,different box,tablet,capusle,cookies,medical gauze,and so on

Vertical flow wrapping machine(VFFS)

To pack liquid,granule,powder in sachet bag,to pack puffed food in middle bag,to pack paste or butterfly noodel in 500g,1000g bag

Sealing and heat shrinking machine

Automatic wet wipe making machine(folding to packing)

spaghetti packing line(weighting to packing)

Shisha packing line(flow packing to cartoner to overwrapping)


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Tobacco hookah production line 

1.50g shisha tobacco bag packing machine

shisha extrusion and bag packing machine.jpg

Product Height15mm(customized)
Raw material20-100g/bag
Packing speed60-120bag/min
Machine size1417 *750 *1290
Power supply220V,50/60HZ,2.4kw


2.Weight checking machine


shisha bag weight checking machine.jpg

Speed(bags/minute) Max100pcs
Weight range5-200g
Reject systemPneumatic
Belt size330 x100 mm


3.50g Shisha Box cartoning machine


small box cartoner.jpg

4.Packing the plastic bag to the small box

Speed30-70 box/min
Box thickness range50g/m2(according to its size to confirm)
Box size rangeL 70-150mm  W 50-80mm  H 20-50mm 
Touch screenHMI controls
PLC programmeadvantanced
Fold closure deviceoptional


5.50g Shisha Small Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

small box overwrapping.jpg


Packing materialBOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing sizeL 25-240mm  W15-120mm  H8-60mm 
Electric power220V,50HZ,5KW
Machine weight500kg


6.10 small box packing in one big box(cartoning machine)

shisha outer box cartoner machine.jpg


Speed30-70 box/min
Box thickness range250g-450/m2(according to its size to confirm)
Box size rangeL 70-250mm  W 50-120mm  H 20-90mm 
Touch screenHMI controls
PLC programmeadvantanced
Hot melt glue and autooptional


7.Shisha/Hookah outer box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

shisha outer box overwrapping.jpg

Packing materialBOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing size(80-360)×(70-200)×(30-130)(mm)
Electric power220V/50HZ(customized)
Machine weight1000kg


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