Horizontal Pouch Feeding Machine for Filling and Sealing(HFFS)
Automatic Bag Feeding filling-sealing Machines is for pre made bags
to pack granule,powder,liquid,paste product.
Single or double station packing machine,rotary packing machine.different feeding type for your choice

Detailed introduction

Application/According to the packaging type

1.solid:candy,peanuts,green beans,pistachios and puffed food

2.Granules:beans,crystalline monosodium glutamate,crystalline salt,granular drugs,capsules,seeds,chemical spices,chicken essence,melon seeds,pesticides,fertilizers,feed and other granular materials

3.Powder:packaging of condiments,milk powder,vegetarian powder,cereal powder,glucose,raw flour,flour and other powder materials.

4.Liquid:soy sauce,rice vinegar,fruit juice and beverage.

5.Sauce body:tomato sauce,chili sauce,bean paste and other sauce body materials.

Technical parameter

Bag size(L)100-300mm(W)100-200mm (L)150-350mm(W)150-250mm (L)200-400mm(W)200-300mm 
Filling speed10-60 packs per minute
Power supply specification380V, 50/60Hz   2.5KW
Gas source specification6kg/㎡ 0.8Mpa
Packing bagFlat pocket, self-supporting bag, M-shaped bag, zipper bag, handbag, pot pocket, etc.

Machine characteristics

1. The advanced PLC control system is adopted in the control part, and the touch screen operation is simple and practical.

2. The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of a variety of different products, and can be used at any time without resetting when changing products. (optional)

3. The Measurement part includes powder (screw head), granule (measuring cup, linear scale, combined scale) and liquid (pump body).

4. The temperature control instrument adopts the imported brand, so that the temperature control is more accurate and the seal is firmer.

5. Other functions can be added according to the customer's needs: automatic feeding, automatic coding, back sealing fillet device, special-shaped bag device, dust collection, etc.

6. Scope of application: A. Powder: seasoning powder, milk powder, washing powder, coffee powder, starch, etc.

B. Granules: chicken essence, capsules, seeds, cookies, hardware, nuts, candy, feed.

C. Liquid/paste: laundry detergent, jam, bean paste, flour paste, hot pot base, soy sauce, etc.

D. Pickled vegetables: pickles, pickles, pickled mustard tuber, sauerkraut, etc.

E. quick freezing: dehydrated vegetables, scented tea, dried mushrooms, etc.

Single-station bag feeding packing machine /liquid bag feeding machine



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