full servo motor control automatic flow wrapping machine for bread biscuit food
Pillow pack machine for food:Biscuit,Bread,Chocolate,Cake,Noddle,Chips Nice and good sealing, Suitable for packaging of high-end products
Max film width can reach 800mm

Detailed introduction

Automatic high speed high efficiency flow wrapping machine

Multi Motion end system

Widely used in packaging regular objects for food,medicine,and Daily chemicals

Especially suitable for products with long packaging bags, compact requirements, thick packaging film and high sealing requirements.

Equipment characteristics of automatic pillow packing machine

1.the control power supply is single-phase 220V,50HZ, and the total power of the equipment is not more than 6KW. 

2.Counting, counting pause, counting accumulation, automatic tracking, alarm prompt, fault handling method and fault content. 

3.Servo power distribution control to automatically find the correct tangent point; Automatic bag length measurement, fault restart, formula, etc. 

4.The design requirements of the end sealing heating circuit are convenient for disassembly and assembly, and shall not be exposed.

5.The equipment consists of feed conveyor and main engine, which can realize stepless speed regulation within the required range. 

6.The performance of the equipment conforms to the relevant national safety and environmental protection standards and regulations, and the exposed transmission parts are provided with detachable safety shields.

Main Technical Parameter

Max Film width(mm)430430430570570570
Bag length(mm)75-40090-40090-40090-40090-40090-400
Bag width(mm)10-14010-15010-15030-20030-20030-200
Bag height(mm)5-4015-6030-9015-6010-10040-120
Motor power  kw3.
Machine size mm5050*1150*14505050*1200*1700
Machine weight kg10001200

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Full electric control system pillow type packing m

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