Overwrapping machine working principle:
Overwrapping machine working principle:

The packaging film is cut into a length that meets the packaging requirements by a cutter, the small packaging box is conveyed by a conveyor, the cylinder pushes the stacking (according to the required form and quantity), and the film is wrapped and folded to form a medium-sized package. Since this equipment does not have a heat-shrinkable packaging machine, the heat-sealing oven will heat the packaged object as a whole, and the use of local point and instant low-temperature packaging will not cause temperature changes in the packaging in the box, which is relatively called a cold-packing machine. An alternative to heat shrink wrapping machines.

Wanbon WBG series overwrapping machine can realize efficiency over 95%.

Good at packing single big carton box,or multi-box packing in standing or stacking.

Widely use in pharaceutical,food,cosmetic,tea & tobacco industry.

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