What is Overwrapping machine?
What is Overwrapping machine?

It is also named three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, cigarette packaging machine, transparent film hexahedron folding cold packaging machine, transparent film packaging machine. This machine uses BOPP film or PVC as the packaging material to form a three-dimensional hexahedron folding package for the packaged objects. For cosmetics, medicines, food, health products, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities and other three-dimensional skin packaging with transparent film outside the box (the packaging effect is the same as that of cigarettes)

Wanbon WBG series fully automatic cellophane wrapping machine is carefully designed by ideas from Italy and Germany,manufactured applying 3-D computer aided design software and mechanism analysis software.The machine is fully automatic,adopts advanced PLC and servo motor control technology,can improve the packing quality,and reduce production cost.

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